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About Us At Serene our friendly, experienced staff will give you the treatment you deserve from the minute you walk in the door. Barbara and Angela will attend to your every need. Professional and friendly nothing is to much trouble.




This is a comfortable treatment which successfully treats,          Thread veins, Spider veins and Skin tags, the treatment is administered through the Epidermis without piercing the area. Small vessels are targeted and will disappear quickly. Treatments take approximately 10-15 mins and no bandages are required post treatment. Unlike similar treatments, you do not need a course of treatments, you might only need further visits dependent on the size of area treated.


This award winning anti-ageing treatment, (As seen on "10 years younger") with a huge celebrity following, lifts, tones, refines the face, targets wrinkles, acne and blemishes - you'll see visable results without surgery. Caci was devised by Dr Thomas Wing of the United States to treat victims of bells palsy and strokes. Came to the UK in 1992, and was soon described to the media as a non-surgical face lift.


3D-lipo is probably one of the most advanced machines of its type and offers a powerful new dimension in non surgical fat removal, treatment of cellulite and skin tightening for both face and body. Lipo is a procedure that helps to get rid of fat in the body.

What is the difference between 3D liposuction and standard liposuction? 

Unlike traditional liposuction, the 3D procedure is entirely non-invasive. We use various strategies – including ultrasound, radio frequency and cryolipolysis – to reduce fat without ever going beneath the skin. Furthermore, where standard liposuction requires a lot of vigorous exercise to metabolise the fat cells after the procedure, the 3D treatment gives outstanding results without any exercise at all.

To obtain the best weight loss results with the 3D LIPO, it is recommended to use our dietary supplements, that will enhance your inch loss results over the curse of treatment.


Non-Invasive lipo-suction:- 

Lose those difficult to move inches, immediate results, no cuts or incisions a nice relaxing treatment.


This method of slimming is different in that it is a dry wrap and uses a gel which is applied to the area of the body were necessary. The treatment does not depend on fluid loss through persiration, but on a reduction of intracellular fluids in the fat tissue (adipose) area under the skin. Inches are lost and not weight generally, although some weight loss may occur.

IPL hair removal:-

Intense light therapy hair removal procedure produces a high intensity light, the energy from the light source is absorbed by the pigment melanin which gives hair its colour.The hair absorbs the filtered light and transfers it to the hair cells that in turn are converted into heat. The heat denatures the cells making them incapable of producing further hair growth. Average 6-8 treatments are needed for best results.


Facials are the perfect way to relax not to mention the benefits they have on your skin! They maintain and improve the quality of your complexion and your overall well-being.

Non Surgical Face Lift Treatment

The non-invasive alternative to a facelift.

Radio frequency facials are the current celebrity favourite, used by the likes of Amanda Holden and Mel B.

Radio Frequency waves blast the skin, stimulating the production of collagen and smoothing the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

A simple safe and gradual way to get rid of wrinkles, and achieve smoother tighter skin.


Dermalogica has a solution to every skin problem, and your Dermalogica professional skin therapists can't wait to help guide you to your customised regimen. With our exclusive Face Mapping skin analysis, you'll receive a personalised prescription that will pin point your skins needs. The world famous Dermalogica facials are adored by the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow and Victoria Beckham.


Advanced exfoliating technique in which the surface layer of dead skin cells is gently removed. The treatment aims to reduce the appearance of fine lines, and generally encourage brighter complexions.

Indian head massage:-

Indian Head Massage is commonly used as a form of relaxation and as an aid to combating a build up of stress and tension.  It has been practised for over a thousand years.


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Take a few hours – or even a whole day – to refresh yourself, recover, and rejuvenate at our beautiful facility. Ample free parking available.


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